The following are extracts from actual client reviews of services we have been engaged in.

“I was quite impressed with the first family council meeting and I valued learning about the service your business provides and how it’s implemented. I particularly liked the bottom up approach of building a successful FC structure that provides a strong foundation for effective communication, negotiation and conflict resolution.” – Agribusiness client


“I thought [iOnSUCCESS] handled it well – particularly when emotional thresholds came up. The principle I like most is how you assist the family to build their own council and solve their own issues, rather than attempting to solve them yourself.” – Communication coaching client


“Andrew is my entire Board of Directors rolled into one. He’s advised me on pricing strategies, sales strategies, marketing and HR. He’s insightful and balanced in his advice (and smart enough to know when to let the CEO get her own way!)” – Sydney manufacturing business client


“I think the referrals and examples back to your own family and situation were really helpful to provide context but also reassured the group that ‘there was a way, and you had figured it out’” – Family business succession client


“Andrew is very open and welcomes input from everyone. He is very approachable and I feel that his experience in this field makes facilitation in our family more relevant. I feel Andrew’s personal experiences in dealing with an extended family put him in a good position as he knows how different family dynamics can affect a small family business.” – Regional family business strategy client


“The lead up to the meeting was nothing but concern, stress and worry for me…. There was obviously a lot of progress made and I commend you very highly on that! The meeting certainly could have gone either way! … I think you and Philip did a phenomenal job in reaching the point that we did… Your ability to put just enough pressure on someone to get an answer out of them, but without reaching breaking point is very clever!” – Agribusiness business strategy client


“For the first time the family council left most emotions at the door and we had the civil discussion I’ve been longing for… It’s a real credit to yourself and Phillip to have gotten the FC back on track under difficult circumstances. We certainly have a lot more work to do however I think we’ve reached a pivotal point.” – Family council client


“Something I learned about succession planning is that despite some brilliant logic to create the actual plan – emotional issues can be VERY difficult to resolve… Natalie is brilliant although it’s a big ask for her to manage emotional issues decades in the making – in just a few short hours!…. Despite the volatility, our family certainly made a LOT of progress and the healing has begun.” – Regional communication coaching client


“I thought you did a great job overall of enabling the discussion. Everyone knew exactly what was expected of them; it was great to have a clear agenda and you kept us on track.” – Business strategy planning client


“Thanks for a very impressive and helpful visit last week. I believe we gained more from those four hours than all the rest of the [lawyer & accountant] meeting times put together.” – Rural business strategy and succession client

Let's do great things together

The following are snippets of advice that we have received along our journey and consider good enough to share:

It is better to be consistently good than occasionally great.

Let your business focus show clarity and simplicity, then ruthlessly execute it.

Be resilient, live to learn and love; leave a legacy.

Remind yourself of where you have come from and use that to motivate your future direction.

Don’t be afraid to alter your course or key focuses based on what you learn; be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for opportunity.